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HART CUSTOM HOMES, INC. is a long standing Retailer of manufactured homes in the upper Midwest since 1968. We have a large inventory of homes in three states of new and well-maintained pre-owned homes.  We meticulously inspect the home, add any improvements or upgrades for full HUD compliance, and are willing to install custom upgrades upon request. Listed below are some common questions about manufactured homes and the sales process.

QUESTION:  What is the difference between living in a manufactured home community and on private land?

When you purchase your manufactured home you will need to choose whether to place your home in a manufactured home community or on your own private land. The manufactured home community differs from private land in that you lease your home site and pay the landlord for the site and the delivery of services such as sewer water, trash removal, etc. In a private land setting you will need to have the site prepared and the utilities available for connection. In both instances you will qualify for homesteaders credit if it is your primary residence and owner occupied.

QUESTION:  What is the difference between a Manufactured Home and a Modular Home?

Manufactured homes and modular or prefabricated homes are both rigorously inspected throughout the construction process in the factory and receive either a State or Federal “seal of approval” before leaving the factory. Manufactured homes are built to the federal building code, often referred to as the “HUD Code,” a performance-based building code. The federal building code allows for greater flexibility in integrating the latest in construction technologies, while still meeting the requirements of the code. The federal code requires a home be built on a steel chassis that is an integral part of the home. In Minnesota, the Manufactured Home Building Code is a part of the Minnesota State Building Code. Modular or prefabricated homes are built to the International Residential Code, (IRC), which is also a part of the State Building Code. Modular or prefabricated homes are built on a removable steel frame that does not stay permanently a part of the home. Manufactured homes are predominantly single-story and are delivered to the home site in one, two or three sections. Flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, appliances and plumbing have been installed at the factory. If the home has multiple sections, the sections are joined at the site, with minimal finishing work completed by a licensed installer. Modular or prefabricated homes can be one or two-stories in height and are delivered to the home site in one or more sections. While some of the modular home’s interior work is accomplished at the factory, much more of the finishing work is completed at the home site when compared to a manufactured home. The interior amenities installed in a modular home on site are inspected by the local building official or compliance with the code. (Source, Manufactured & Modular Home Association of Minnesota)

QUESTION:  Are manufactured homes safe?

The HUD Code determines the required wind and safety standards for manufactured homes by establishing zones across the US. Each zone will dictate the building requirements for the specific weather and storm conditions of the geographic area and performance levels required for homes to be sited in those regions. For example, roof loads are established for snow accumulation and load. Wind zones are established for areas that can have storms with high winds. There are many differences between the zones for insulation, heating, cooling and ventilation, foundation requirements and other important structural elements. In addition, homes are attached and anchored to the home site or foundation by HUD approved systems.

QUESTION:   Are the newer built manufactured homes energy efficient?

According to www.howstuffworks.com, “. . . .The new generations of manufactured homes are energy efficient. Factories now outfit manufactured homes with ENERGY STAR appliances. Builders take great care in making sure each home is tightly constructed with efficient heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and high-performance windows. How much money can a manufactured home save a person? Let’s look at one example. A few years ago, North Carolina A&T University and the U.S. Department of Energy studied the energy efficiency of one type of manufactured home. The university built two houses on the Greensboro campus. Each three-bedroom, three-bath house was 1,528 square feet (142 square meters) [source: U.S. Department of Energy]. Although the homes were unoccupied, researchers rigged up the lights and appliances with timers to simulate normal energy use. One house was a “base” house that acted as a control. The other was an “energy” house, which was built with energy-efficient materials and appliances. Researchers expected the energy house to be 50 percent more energy efficient than the base house. After studying both houses for an entire winter heating season and summer cooling season, researchers found that the energy house actually exceeded expectations with an overall savings of 55 percent [source: U.S. Department of Energy].”

QUESTION:  Is it difficult to insure a manufactured home?

From our experience, we have hundreds of homeowners who have insured their homes for extremely affordable rates. Feel free to contact ANY of the insurance agencies listed on this link to inquire as to rates and affordability for your new home! right arrow Click HERE for MMHA-referred insurance companies.

QUESTION:  What are some of the custom feature options in a new manufactured home?

Friendship Homes offer (Interior) Custom built wood cabinet selections / faucet choices / modern appliances / custom lighting / luxurious bath options / name brand carpeting / color-coordinated countertops in laminate, ceramic edged or solid surfaces / solid wood trim choices and formal oak archways, etc. (Exterior) Choice of shingles / vinyl thermopane windows / beautiful colors of siding and shutters / elegant entry door options / walk-in closets / jetted tubs / soaker bathtubs / fireplaces / bay windows and gabled roofs, etc. If you can purchase these options in a site-built home, we can have them installed in your manufactured home.

The new Schult Patriot Home offers special features such as: Granite Kitchen Island /Solid Wood Cabinet Doors /All-Metal Faucets /Craft Area /Stylish Barn Door & Pocket Door /Pendant Lighting /Free Standing Oval Tub /Luxury Walk-in Tile Shower.

QUESTION:   How can I order a custom-built manufactured home?

Our sales specialists will coordinate with your choice of manufacturer and custom build your new home to fit your needs. It is best to start from an existing size and floor plan and then modify to meet your requirements. That is why we are called “Hart CUSTOM Homes”. We can also discuss whether certain models can be altered to meet any special needs you may have if you require modifications to meet handicapped requirements; i.e., change in floor space, wheel-in showers, concessions for handicapped needs, etc.

QUESTION:  What does it mean that the homes are “Factory Built?”

Our homes are built in a controlled environment using the latest technologies to insure quality of construction. All of the materials are stored in this controlled environment, bought with volume pricing and installed to prevent waste. There is a unique coordination of the trades in this environment that streamlines production and allows for the use of many of the most updated and state of the art construction techniques, materials and rapid delivery times.



Watch this video to witness an example of how Factory Built Homes are produced:



Here is a remarkable youTube video that shows the recreation of high winds in a durability wind test similar to tornado activity when hitting a manufactured home:

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